Based on a long-term and intense experience with IBM Notes/Domino-Applications iota systems is recognized as official Business Partner of HCL Technologies, who took over the product family Notes/Domino from IBM as of 01 July, 2019.


Strategical cooperation of CROSS-WORKS AG and iota systems GmbH

On August 1st, 2018 CROSS-WORKS AG located in Winterthur and iota systems GmbH from Baden signed a contract of strategical cooperation. Offering a wider and complementary range of services and products of IT services is the dedicated objective.

The foundation of CROSS-WORKS back in 2003 targeted the operation of infrastructures. Step by step the focus was widened and included document management and application development.

The employees of iota systems GmbH which was founded in 1998 have a long-term and extraordinary experience in the development of individual software applications. iota's customers want to have their solutions also be operated by professionals more and more. That's why the company expanded into the direction of running and maintaining infrastructures as well.

The CEOs Helmut Sproll (CROSS-WORKS) as well as Bodo Wetzel and Dr. Remo Dutler (iota) are convinced that the collaboration means additional value for their customers and a high potential for synergy in their core business.

"Our customers can profit from extended services and may access a pool of specialists covering a wide range of technologies." state all three CEOs. The large range of services includes developing of individual applications (web/databases/reporting) on different platforms (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Google) and also the operation of professional solutions (Swiss Content Cloud, HS/SA, Ximbrasoft), IT consulting and IT project management, and services like document management, scanning/capturing and archiving.

With offices in Winterthur und Baden the partnering companies are close to their customers which makes a lot of sense for all.


iota systems is official partner, reseller and integrator of SWING-Software. We integrate SWING PDF-converter into your applications.


iota systems is official partner, reseller and integrator of ag-Grid. The JavaScript Datagrid for Enterprise. | Online-Demo