Software Solutions and IT Services

We develop all our software in close cooperation with our customers. This inseparable symbiotic association enables us to develop individual IT solutions that are innovative, work process precise oriented and of a high quality that are necessary for modern companies of all industries.
  • Individual software solutions
  • Web applications, workflows
  • Mobile applications
  • Cloud solutions (SaaS)

We go the extra mile! We not only develop the necessary software but also manage your IT projects from the beginning to the end:
  • Consulting, Designing and Developing of the Project Concept
  • Analyzing the design and proof-of-concept
  • Developing of the Software, carrying out Unit-tests and reviews
  • End-to-end-tests with reviews
  • Roll-out, Burn-in
  • Documentation, Training, Coaching, Support

100% Made in Switzerland!
Your contact persons, your data, your project documentations are and will remain in Switzerland.
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